EZPD password regeneration software

Password management is risky business

Your sensitive information is more vulnerable than ever. There are over 4,000 cyber attacks every day.

To improve cybersecurity, all of your passwords need to be complex and unique. It can be difficult to create and remember passwords filled with special characters.

How can you make password generation easier, without letting convenience interfere with security?

How EZPD is different

EZPD’s password regenerator is a new way to look at password security.

  • EZPD software does not store passwords on a PC or cloud system like traditional password managers.
  • EZPD users can reproduce the same unique password multiple times, or generate a new one, to authorized devices.
  • No one can reproduce your password on another device without access.
  • EZPD will recall your password, so there is no need to store a master password.

Who can benefit from EZPD?