About us


To be the leading institute on the research and resolution of problems in information security.


To deliver the best possible solution, innovative products, quality services, and support.


Quality and Trust – beyond your expectation.

Making information security accessible and simple has helped EZPD grow into one of the most unique and important pieces of software on the market.

EZPD is the brainchild of research company iGBu. Launched in 2013, both EZPD and iGBu have exclusively focused on research, innovation, and development of software to address the growing concern of cybersecurity.

EZPD wants to make it possible for all members of society – individuals, private corporations, governments, or financial institutions –  to protect confidential information.

EZPD’s algorithm generates and regenerates unhackable passwords for any internet account or file with one click of a button. EZPD is flexible, efficient, and fully customizable to your security needs.

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But wait, there’s more

EZPD is currently working on a new project called SENCRPT.

SENCRPT encodes valuable information stored in a file, using our unique complicated algorithm. The encryption is unique to your computer. This product will be available in 2018.

We are proud of the value and service that we bring to our clients and invite you to contact us to discuss your specific security needs on password protection.