Tips & Tricks

To use information file safe

Information file, ezpd.txt contains 3 password information that is needed to generate passwords for internet accounts or files. Since this text file is visible to anyone, some people might be uncomfortable for storing text file in PC. There are two options.

  1. Do not save 3 password information
    • You may easily memorize 3 information for small number of account or file names; however, if you have large number of account or file names to memorize, you may still need to write 3 information for each account or file name to somewhere, such as in a paper or smart phone.
    • Storing the information in a paper is safe as far as you keep your computer protected. No one can use your information to generate your unique password from any non-registered computers. Your password will be generated only at your registered computers.
  2. Delete your license file and/or EZPD program from your computer after use.
  • We recommend this option, which is convenient and safe.
  • It would be a good habit to delete your license file after use.
  • If you delete the license file after use, no one can use the EZPD program even in your computer.
  • When you need a password, download license file before use.
  • Deleting license file is safer than deleting EZPD program because anyone can purchase EZPD program.
  • License file works for the registered computers only; therefore, even though you lost your license file, it is still safe as far as you keep your computer protected. No one can use your license file at any non-authorized computers.
  • Although your computer is compromised, if your license file is not stored in your computer, no one can generate your password using your information file even in your computer. Report the problem to us; we will block the download link of your license file.

Protect your PC securely! This is more important.

EZPD license setup process

To download trial or licensed version, go to our store. After you have checked out from our store, you will receive an order confirmation as well as download instructions for the program package to be used for future download.

  1. First, run “getpcid” program on each computer that you plan to use the password generator. The “getpcid” program will generate the “sysinfo” text file, which you will need later on.
    • The program generates a text file that includes a set of numbers unique to your computer, which allows EZPD to recognize your computer as an authorized computer.
    • This ensures that no one can generate your passwords on any un-authorized computers.
  2. Second, fill out the Excel form included in the downloaded program package. Import the “sysinfo” file(s) into Excel form. Then submit the form by either (1) upload the Excel form to the “SUBMIT Form” in the “Download” page or (2) send an email to with “sysinfo” file attachment.
  3. You will receive an email from with the license file download instructions within 1 business day.
  4. You can repeatedly delete your license file and re-download it at any time.

Please be sure to download our 14 days trial version of EZPD first to verify that it will work on your computer before purchasing the licensed version. Once you have checked out of the store and downloaded the program package, return to Download page to finish the setup process.

Test and practice EZPD before use

Test and practice EZPD program for several times to generate and regenerate a password to lock and unlock password-protected word or excel file before use it to internet account.


To See a Generated Password

Invoke any text editor or word program, then simultaneously press “Ctrl (control)” and “v