Q. Is EZPD a password management program?

A. No, EZPD is not a password manager. It does not store your passwords in a file or remote location. It is a unique password generating and regenerating software. It regenerates the same password when you need to access a password protected file, or login to internet account. Since it does not store your passwords in any file or place, it is secure. It is also a very convenient and easy to use password generator

Q. What is node-locked license?

A. Node-locked license is a license to use EZPD in the authorized computer only. EZPD generates computer specific unique passwords so that no one can reproduce your unique password from any non-registered computers, which is secure.

Q. Why purchase multiple licenses?

A. Since the EZPD is node-locked, you can use it only for a registered computer. This is secure, so that no one can reproduce your passwords from any other computers than your registered computer. You may need multiple licenses to link multiple devices together, so that you can generate the same password from multiple registered computers to access the same internet accounts or files. This makes the file exchange secure between clients, friends or colleagues in different offices

Q. Can multiple licenses be individual or linked together?

A. Yes, you can make the licenses linked together, partially linked or all separated individual licenses. Separate individual licenses may be needed for individual employees in a company, but some of them may need linked licenses to share the same password to protect a file. In addition, you may need linked license at home to share the same password to access the same internet account from different computers.

Q. Can I purchase two individual licenses for the same computer?

A. Yes, you can. EZPD will generate different passwords while you are sharing the same computer with your friend. Just store your program and license files in different folders. Make sure to delete your license file after use. Download your license file when you need to generate passwords and delete it after use. Your friend cannot generate your password using your information without your license file.

Q. Can I use EZPD in the public or friends computers?

A. No, EZPD software is node-locked. You cannot use it in any other computers than your registered computer. This is to protect your unique passwords and make it secure, so that no one can reproduce your passwords in any other computers using your simple password information.

Q. Can I transfer my license to another computer?

A. No, you cannot transfer your license to another computer. New license is needed for a new computer.

Q. Can I still use the same license if my registered computer failed and repaired?

A. It depends. You can still use the same license file as long as your computer IDs does not change.

Q. Why do I get "unrecognized app or unidentified developer" message?

A. When you try to run a newly released program or an application that has not yet established a reputation, the above message is generally shown on the screen. This message is to warn users that a downloaded application has not yet established a reputation. “getpcid” program have digital certificates for a certified publisher. However, the programs are not well recognized yet. Then just Click “Run anyway”, then you can open the program in the future without message.

Q. If ezpd.txt stores the password information to generate passwords and is visible to everyone, doesn't that mean someone can generate my password?

A. NO! No one can use your visible information to generate your unique password from any non-registered computers. Your password will be generated and regenerated only at your registered computers. 

Q. Is it safe to use visible file, ezpd.txt?

A. YES! Delete the license file from your computer after use, then the use of ezpd.txt is safe. Without your license file, no one can use the EZPD program even in your computer. 

Q. What if my internet account does not allow certain special characters?

A. There are 2 ways to address this. You can use either "only" or "expt" on the third field of 3 password information.  Refer to How ezpd works for details.

Q. What happens if I accidentally delete my license file?

A. NO PROBLEM!  Anytime, you can download your license file from a download link sent to you by email. You can download your license file unlimited time.

Q. What happens if I accidentally delete my information file?

A. EZPD program makes two backup files, ezpd_bak.txt and ezpd_bak2.txt when you save the password information. First, ezpd_bak.txt file is copied to ezpd_bak2.txt, then ezpd.txt file is copied to expd_bak.txt and finally new password information is saved as ezpd.txt. Therefore, in case information file ezpd.txt is erased accidentally, you can still use bakup file but you may lose recently saved information. You'd better make your own copy of password information file, ezpd.txt. In addition, you may want to write password information in a paper or print and save it.

Q. How can I view all the accounts and file names I've generated passwords for?

A. Just click the “ezpd.txt” file or click "Load Password Information" button in the EZPD program. 

Q. How can I view my EZPD generated password?

A. If you want to see your EZPD generated password, invoke any text editor or word program.  Then simultaneously press “Ctrl (control)” and “v”.