How EZPD protects you

Most of us store our complex passwords by writing them on paper or saving them to an encrypted file. These options may not be as safe as you think. Paper can get lost. And encrypted file can be compromised.

EZPD does not store your passwords. Rather, it regenerates your unique password using a proprietary algorithm, on command. This means you never have to store a password again.

EZPD uses a proprietary algorithm to generate a unique, complex password. EZPD’s software regenerates the same password when needed to login or decrypt a password-protected file.

You can generate a password either for yourself, or get a professional license which allows you to share information with colleagues.

EZPD is perfect for creating password for internet and personal accounts like:

  • Facebook
  • Amazon
  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint files
  • Your bank account

You can also specify how long you want your password (up to 96 characters) and if there are symbols and special characters that need to be included or excluded.

Passwords created by EZPD are unique to your license file. No one else can replicate the password. Even if you delete EZPD from your computer, if you re-download the software with the same license file, your passwords will be regenerated.

Please see License Plans for highlights of EZPD software.