Information security

Passwords should be strong, convenient to use, and not be stored anywhere.

Information security is an increasingly significant concern, necessary to protect confidential information for individuals, private businesses, corporations, law firms, governments, financial institutions, military, and hospitals. Because of the prevalence of password protected websites, files, and accounts individuals oftentimes have many different passwords – too many to remember. As a result, many people save their passwords in a password-protected file, or use a remote, cloud-based location to save all of their passwords with one master password. While convenient, this method is generally not secure. Because all of the passwords are stored in one location, either remotely in cyberspace or in a local computer, they could be vulnerable to hackers.

Long, complex passwords are the most robust form of security, but are nearly impossible to memorize all complex passwords. To get around this problem, we have developed scientific password generating and regenerating software, easypassword(EZPD)TM, with new concept in password protection. EZPD does not store passwords anywhere and it is operated only from authorized computers.

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