License plans

EZPD offers three, node-locked license plans for personal and business use on Windows operating systems:

  • Essential
  • Expert
  • Professional

How to start using EZPD?

EZPD recommends trying our free, 14-day trial license to learn how EZPD’s password generation and regeneration software works, and how it can protect you.  

Then decide if an individual or linked license makes sense for you.

Individual and linked licenses

Linked licenses join two or more computers together so each device can generate the same passwords. This enables you to securely exchange confidential files and share access to internet accounts or password protected files safely. Linked licenses can also act as a backup in the event something happens to one of your devices.

Individual licenses are only valid on one device.

Feature highlights of each EZPD license plan are explained and summarized below

Already an EZPD member? You can renew your license after your one-year license.

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