License Plans

We offer three node locked license plans for personal and business use on Windows platform.

  • Try our 14 days free trial to test if EZPD works as explained and meets your expectations.
    • We recommend using the free trial version to generate complex passwords for file protection.
  • Our license to use EZPD has three plans and provides technical support, product enhancements and upgrades.
    • You can download and use EZPD for an unlimited time as long as you use it from your registered computer.

If you need to exchange confidential files securely between you and clients, friends, colleagues in other cities or countries, use our linked licenses.

  • The linked licenses will ensure that your devices generate the same password.
    • We offer these linked licenses to join two or more computers together so that your linked devices generate the same passwords.
      • This means you can securely exchange confidential files.
      • This also means that you can use any one of the linked devices to access your internet accounts or password protected files.
  • We recommend linked licenses, which are not only convenient, but also safe in case one of the computers fails.
    • You can still access your accounts and files with the second registered computer without interruption until you repair or purchase a new computer.
    • If you have an individual license, you cannot access your accounts or files until you take care of the failure of the registered computer.

Feature highlights of each EZPD license plan are explained and summarized below.

                                             Summary of License Plans for EZPD Password Generator