New Product – EZPD Software

sfeessssYou may have heard of password managers before – perhaps you even use one, but have you ever thought about whether or not your password manager is safe? The main problem that faces password managers is that they are created to store passwords, which means the keys to your personal online information are bundled up neatly in one convenient location. This may be easy and convenient for you, but if a hacker should find one of your passwords, they can get them all. The key to having a secure password is not only to make sure it is complex and strong, but to also avoid storing your passwords.


EZPD Software is a unique program that generates complex and secure passwords without storing them, so you know your information will be safe. All you have to do is input the parameters you require for your password. How many characters do you need? What kind of characters should be included or excluded?  It’s really that simple.


You can get the best password generator available from our website. To find out more information about our software and to get a free trial, visit, today.