A strong password might be harder to create than you think (here’s why)

Online attacks are growing every day. Consequently, requirements for strong passwords have become more stringent. Nonetheless, they are essential for keeping your most private information safe.

And, as it turns out, what you think is a strong password might actually be an easy hack.

Read on to learn about what a strong password entails and what to look out for when creating your next password.

What are online attacks?

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As concerns about cyber security grow, creating strong passwords is increasingly important.
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An online attack occurs when someone attempts to log in to a website or internet account by guessing someone else’s username and password.

Whether an attacker aims to gain access to your email account, or they plan to compromise and steal information from a corporation, online attacks can have massive ramifications. A few effects of online attacks can include, theft of money, loss of business reputation, and theft of financial information.

Most attackers use computer programs to systematically generate and guess combinations of passwords. Cracking programs typically understand that humans can be predictable.

Most of the popular passwords are easy strings of numbers, words found in a dictionary, or dictionary words obfuscated by symbols.

According to Fortune magazine, some of the most common passwords are:

  1. 123456
  2. Password
  3. 12345678
  4. Qwerty
  5. 12345
  6. 123456789

As you can see, some of the most common passwords are closely related, or easy to guess.

It’s important to remember that any system that’s online, or local to your computer, is subject to an attack. Online attacks are increasingly easy to perform, which makes it important for you to protect yourself.

That’s why you need to learn more about password strength in order to protect yourself.

How is a strong password determined?

Typically, the length and complexity of your password will reflect the strength of your password.  

As a general rule of thumb, the longer your password the harder it will be to crack. Especially if you combine factors like:

  • Special characters
  • Lowercase and uppercase letters
  • Words not found in the dictionary

Programs like EZPD create passwords up to 96 characters long to ensure maximum strength.

How should you store your passwords?

Creating a strong password is an important first step. However, storing your password is equally significant.

The problem most of us face is, the longer and more unique a password, the harder it can be to remember. And storing your password irresponsibly can compromise your information.

Because of this, we rely on password managers. But, many password managers use a cloud or a server to remember what passwords they have generated for their uses. Therein lies the problem. Servers and clouds can also be hacked. Therefore, what seems like a secure method for password generation may not be after all.

Additionally, password managers and browsers may allow users to create a master password.

A master password is a single key to unlocking all doors. However, if a master password is compromised, all passwords stored in the cloud or on a PC will be lost. And, master passwords aren’t immune to theft. If you do create a master password, it needs to be incredibly strong. The master password is your first line of defense.

The only way to truly feel protected is by using a program that creates strong, unique passwords and does not store your information or require a master password. Luckily, EZPD checks off all of these boxes.

EZPD uses a unique method with node-locking software which means that your password is never stored, only regenerated. And only computers with your unique license file are able to regenerate your password.

After you create your password, you can delete your license file making it a completely untraceable process.

When you’re ready to regenerate your existing password—or generate a new password— you can redownload your license file and easily access your sensitive information again.

Additionally, you can download the license file as often as you’d like.

How can you ensure you have a strong password?

As hacking software continues to get stronger, online password strength meters that are common for creating or checking passwords can’t keep up. Therefore, just because the meter shows a strong password doesn’t make it entirely reliable. Users must take matters into their own hands.

Realistically, the only way to know you have a strong password is by using unique and advanced software to outwit hackers.

That’s where EZPD comes in. When you use EZPD, you don’t need to think twice about your password strength. Our proprietary algorithm does all the heavy lifting for you.

Learn more about how EZPD can protect you today.