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psssssssAs technology advances, the need for stronger, more complex passwords is rising. With stories of identity theft and account hacking popping up in the news every day, it’s become increasingly difficult to protect yourself on the internet. That’s where EZPD Software comes in. Unlike password managers, EZPD does not store your password anywhere, making it much safer. With our password generating software, you can create strong passwords that are easy to remember without having to spend any time thinking about it. You simply tell the software how many characters the password needs to be, and what symbols to include or exclude.

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You put a lot of information on the internet, whether you’re shopping online or making personal profiles on social media sites. The last thing you need is for someone to hack your online accounts and steal sensitive information. Take the first step to protecting your online information by downloading EZPD Software. It’s convenient to use, and it does not store your passwords. Learn more about this amazing software and download your own copy at EZPD.co.