Why You Should Avoid Password Managers

trthtrhrthrtIf you need to use the internet for any aspect of your daily life, you’ve probably heard of password managers. If you need to keep track of many different complex passwords for different online accounts, you’ve probably either thought about using one, or you are using one. After all, it’s very convenient to have all of your passwords stored in one place so you don’t have to memorize them, right? Well, you may want to rethink that.

Password Managers Store Your Passwords

This is the main problem that faces password managers. No matter what kind of security measures the manager has in place, the fact of the matter is that your personal information is being stored on a computer. Anything that is stored on a computer is vulnerable to hacking.

There is a Better Option

In this age of technology, you cannot keep your personal online information safe without complex, hard to memorize passwords, so you need a secure password generator. EZPD Software is a password generator that is designed to provide you with strong, complicated passwords without storing that password anywhere. It simply regenerates the password whenever you need it.

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